TBS Kylone Media Server


        Kylone Media Server is a server software for Video transport and IPTV services. It provides a fast way to build up your own IPTV system in the ISP network, GPON network, Hotels, Communities, etc.

      Based with Kylone IPTV media server and variety of high class headend servers, TBS provides complex, flexible and cost-effectively IPTV solutions for communities, Hotels, Schools or Coffee Shops/Restaurants. TBS IPTV systems support both Multicast and Unicast, delivering live televisions, movies, On-Demand contents, and even customized contents specific to your recipients.








  TBS 8520/8510 IPTV Transcoder


        TBS8520/8510 IPTV Transcoder is designed for our TBS TV tuner card customers. It’s a high-performance video server that features in   high integration and reliable hardware transcoding server.

      Since the original data rate from DVB channels is too high to be streamed throught internet directly. It will cost a lot of bandwidth, then you have to use both receiving server and transcode server to lowdown the bit rate. This is a very costly and inconvenient solution.

         Now with TBS8520/8510 real-time transcoder server, you can implement receiving and transcode at the same time. With Two Giga Ethernet Ports, it can be configured to transcode up to 80SD or 30 Full HD streams, and equipped with 2 TBS Tuner/Capture PCI-e card (with up to 16 inquencies input) to receive channels directly from satellite or ASI / IP inputs to receive digital channels.






TBS 2605 HDMI Video Encoder 

---- 2 Channels of 4K

---- 5 Channelsof 1080P 60hz


        TBS2605 HDMI Video encoder not only supports 2 channels 4K or 5 channels H.265 encoding, but also supports multiprotocol output. Each channel supports HTTP/HLS/RTMP/RTSP/UDP protocols outputting simultaneously, which is ideal for the customers who need to output with different protocols.

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Why Choose Us
TBS Technologies is one of the leading providers for cost-efficient IPTV headend solutions. TBS specializes in developing, producing and marketing of IPTV streamers, HDMI encoding device and digital TV tuner cards for PCs. We provide OEM Service. SDM Teknologi Internasional Ltd didirikan pada tahun 2005, dengan kantor pusat di Shenzhen, cina, fokus pada wilayah penyiaran digital untuk 10 tahun, menawarkan solusi sistem IPTV, DVB (semua standar) solusi untuk solusi telekomunikasi dan HD & SD video over IP Server.

-profesional penyedia untuk digital TV Tuner card & IPTV streamer
-Kylone Panel untuk Hotel & Coffee shop IPTV IPTV Solusi
-DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC, multi-standar TV Tuner, HD encoder dan Streaming Server
-DVB-ASI/HDMI Capture Card, H.265/H.264 video IP encoder
-anda OEM/ODM mitra

SDM memiliki R & D tim yang sangat baik dengan banyak tahun pengalaman dalam menyediakan tingkat tinggi integrasi teknologi dan pengembangan kemampuan. kami bertahan dalam mencari terobosan dalam teknik dan berusaha untuk memberikan ruang yang lebih luas untuk merancang dan mengembangkan produk baru untuk kami pelanggan.

didirikan pada tahun 2005, SDM telah membentuk jaringan distributor yang luar biasa di seluruh dunia dan reseller di Jerman, inggris, italia, perancis, rusia, Bulgaria, amerika Serikat, kanada, jepang, Dubai, India dan Australia. lebih dari 60 negara dan wilayah sudah mulai mitra kerjasama dengan kami.
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